Sunday, September 16, 2007


Booklog Interactive / Media / Design, Royal Academy of Art

From: happykamping, 5 months ago

This is the irregular --though frequently-- published
wiki-pdf-book-magazine-log-report-zine of the new
study at the Royal Academy of Art [KABK] in The
Hague, The Netherlands: Interactive / Media / Design. This publication will expand and change continuously. It will be updated, its design will change from time to time, chapters will be added, people will come, people will go -- but it will remain the same publication with the possibility to be a book one day. Maybe after four years when the students graduate as a retrospective, maybe sooner. And if printed sooner, it will be a good
overview of what happened until that specific moment in time. So, don’t mind spelling, grammar mistakes or bad English. Maybe you even hate the design. We don’t care. This document is about us sharing with you what we are doing, have done or are up to. So make sure that you have the latest version (check the date on the cover), so you know you have the latest info.


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